From the outside, Gutter-Vac looks like a trade based business, but don’t let appearances deceive you from a business opportunity that might just be perfect for you.

For many of our franchisees, their business is not just them.  They are not just a man in a van (or with a trailer) doing the day to day work of being self-employed.  We have quite a few franchisees that don’t actually get on a roof any more.

What do I mean by that?

Well, they have businesses so large that they actually have teams of staff doing the physical day to day work whilst the franchisee is more likely to be quoting on large commercial jobs, managing the team, scheduling work and being the onsite foreman if required on a large job.  Some of our franchisees even have office staff who do a lot of this above work for the franchisees so they are simply managing and growing the business.

So what may seem like a trade based business is many times more of a management/people driven business.

Our franchisees that build really big businesses (and it might just blow your mind at how much business there is in cleaning gutters) have one thing in common….. they are excellent with staff.

These franchisees know how to train their team, manage them daily, reward and encourage them and have team members that are loyal.  This is a skill and in some cases a real talent.

Absolutely, we have franchisees that work in a self-employed manner or maybe just have a single ‘off sider’ staff member, but don’t think this is all you can do in Gutter-Vac.

If you believe that you are good with staff, then maybe Gutter-Vac is the business you have been looking for.  Why not give us a call or make an enquiry and we can even put you in touch with franchisees to speak with who have built large businesses and run teams of staff with multiple vehicles across multiple territories.