We have a closed Facebook group for our franchisees where they ask questions, share ideas and talk shop.  A few years back, they started to share their ‘Office View’ when they were on particular jobs.  Generally sweeping landscape photos of absolutely beautiful views.

When I see these photos, I see more than just the beautiful view, I see a great business.

When looking to be your own boss or to buy a franchise, you need to consider what the day to day work will be like.

So many of our franchisees talk about that they couldn’t stand to be stuck behind a desk or behind the counter of a store.  They like to get outside, they like to be moving, they like the change every day, they like to drive around and be on the go.  They wanted to be in a mobile business.

But it isn’t just the fact that it is mobile and they can get around, for me it is also the reminder that they don’t have one of the biggest business expenses around… a lease!

And it is not just the lease that is a negative, it is the shop fit out.  They can be super expensive!

The fact that you have to be at your ‘shop’ to open the doors at the time it says on your sign on the door!  That’s not a positive in my eyes.  You can’t just put a sign on the door that says ‘At my kids athletics day, supporting them because I’m a great parent and I want to be there just because!  Come back tomorrow.’  Imagine if you did put that up as a sign on your door!

At Gutter-Vac you can.  Maybe not a sign, but you simply don’t book in any jobs that day.  You have flexibility of schedule because you choose when you book in the work!

Work/Life Balance is a myth that is often not fully understood.  If work and life was in balance, then it would mean exactly equal time in each which wouldn’t really work for most people.  Work/Life Balance isn’t something you do, it is something you achieve by getting the results that allow you to have more life (because no one talks work life balance because they want to do more work….)

What it is really about is having flexibility on time.  Being able to choose when you are working and when you are not.  Being able to go to the kids athletics carnival or taking the day off or having the weekend off.  It is about creating a lifestyle, not balance.

Am I ticking any of your boxes here ?  Flexibility, no lease, working outside/mobile/change…..

If so, why not submit an enquiry or call the office and speak to our Franchise Development Manager and find out more about the Gutter-Vac franchise opportunity and see if it is right for you.