The Franchise Council of Australia (FCA) is the peak franchising body in Australia and is the conduit between government, lawmakers, franchisors and franchisees. All good franchise systems in Australia are members of the FCA, and the franchisees in these systems reap the benefits of their management being at the coalface. Franchisors are kept abreast of changes in legislation, learn best practice, and can mentor (and be mentored by) other franchisors.

But it’s not just the franchisors that benefit from membership – all franchisees are members by default! As members of the FCA, franchisees get access to HR Central, a company that provides Employee HR Services, information and advice.

Franchisees are entitled to attend FCA national conferences, meetings and coffee catch-ups just like their franchisors do. This gives franchisees the opportunity to interact with franchisees from other systems, to share information or just compare notes. Don’t forget to take advantage of this great perk if you have the chance.