We may not have a national marketing fund at Gutter-Vac, but we do pick up quite a number of national contracts for commercial customers.

We do a lot of work for the defence forces, schools, body corporates, aged care facilities, government agencies.

When Gutter-Vac became truly nation-wide (we have franchisees in every state and territory) we have had a lot of organisations and companies approach us and ask us to tender and quote on their work.

Why is this so?

Because they want the ease of dealing with just one company.

So although we don’t have a national marketing fund or promise work, we do have a substantial amount of national contract work and more coming every year.

We can’t guarantee their will be work for every franchisees on every contract, but we have the ability and the facility to manage these contracts from Head Office.  We have a team of people here at head office who solely look after all of the contracts as the single point of contact for our national contract customers (because that is what they want) but instead of making everyone pay for this facility, that we never knew we would need, we simply have an admin fee on each invoice so it is a user pays system.

It is a nominal fee that just means that we can facilitate this work for you and that let’s be honest, you would never have been able to secure without the Gutter-Vac brand or facility to manage as a single connection point.

So many people believe that Gutter-Vac just does vacuum gutter cleaning for residential houses, but if they saw some of the national contracts we hold, they would soon change that thought process.

Need more information about how this works?  Speak to our Franchise Development Manager on 07 3357 6270.