If I asked you this question, you would probably say ‘Gutter cleaning’ which is true, but it is not the whole story.

Gutter-Vac is actually a customer service business…. We just happen to clean gutters.

Our focus is not only on how to clean gutters effectively, efficiently and safely for our customers using our specialised wet/dry vacuum equipment, it is also on our customers.

Our customers came in a large range from elderly home owners who should never step onto a ladder to our business young professional families that are time poor and don’t want to spend their weekends doing home maintenance, through to our Body Corporate and Real Estate Property managers who need to maintain properties for their landlords and for common areas of strata properties.  Then we have large commercial customers from hospitals, retirement/lifestyle villages, Universities, schools and even the defence force who call upon us to maintain their properties and ensure their gutters are cleaned and done so with safe work methods.

Each and every customer is a real person with a need and a set of individual priorities they are looking for and we make sure we meet them with a friendly smile and a professional approach.

Be that to take the time to talk with one of our elderly customers who needs a chat to break their loneliness through to a property manager who needs us to get to the point and not hold them up with a long chat.

We pride ourselves on customer service.  Not just a chat, not just clean gutters, not just piece of mind that we do so safely but also that we are professional, that we have a satisfaction guarantee, that we are professional onsite to even that we are all uniformed so you know where we are from (particular for large commercial sites).

Customer service is taking the time to make sure we are not only giving a customer what they need, but also what they want.

When a prospective franchisee is looking to join us at Gutter-Vac, they have an interview with me as their final step in the application.  What do I look for?  I look for how will they interact with customers.  Will customers like them?  Do they have a good nature and personality?  Would I be happy to have them represent the Gutter-Vac brand to customers in their area?

So what may appear like a business cleaning gutters, there is a whole lot more to it that than and in fact, we are a customer service business… we just happen to clean gutters and that’s why customers continue to use our services year after year after year.