We don’t just offer vacuum gutter cleaning to our customers and this is important for you to know if you are considering buying a Gutter-Vac franchise.

Why is this important for you?

Think about it.  You go and do the gutter cleaning on let’s say a school.  Whilst there you see they have rows and rows of dirty solar panels.  Now in most states of Australia, the school ground keepers are not permitted to go on ANY roof on school grounds.  You have the safety gear, you have the insurance, you can go on the roof.  You could offer to clean the solar panels for the school.  (Note:  cleaning solar panels will increase their energy production and efficiency).  This helps the school and it is another stream of income WITHOUT having to get a new customer.  You are helping out the customer you have already got!

Now, the school may have a couple of buildings that are sitting under some massive trees and get a lot of leaf drop from those trees.  You could offer to install Gutter Flow to just to those buildings or just that corner of particular buildings.  The gutters still need to be cleaned regularly (the common myth that gutter guard companies try to sell is that you will never need to clean your gutters again, but that is simply a lie!), but instead of these particular buildings needing to be cleaned every 3 months, with Gutter Flow, they can come in line with the other buildings of every 6 months.  This may seem like you are losing work, but in actual fact, it builds a really strong repeat customer long term.

Then, you see that the old shelter shed has a build-up of mould and lichen on the roof and also on the walls.  Obviously not particularly safe for kids to be around but also a little unsightly.  Schools don’t want to use harmful chemicals with kids around so you can offer to use our environmentally, non-bleach based product EnviroClean to clean that up for them.

Whilst there cleaning the shelter shed, you notice that outside of the trade school rooms (metal work, wood work, etc), the paths are extremely dirty, but not just dirt, but also stained and maybe even potentially slippery.  You could offer to pressure clean the paths, getting them looking new again and safe for the kids.

The principle then comes to you with a new issue.  They are having to replace the insulation in the library building as it is an old building that gets cold in the winter and someone in the past decided to use that ‘blow in’ insulation that isn’t doing the job.  They want to replace the insulation with batts, but they need to get the old insulation out.  Can you help?  Could you suck it out with your vacuum?  Well yes you can!

Whilst there, could you clean those hard to reach windows ?  Yes you can.

Don’t think this is just on commercial jobs either, this could be a residential house.

One customer…. Multiple streams of income.

Best bit is, you are HELPING your customer!