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Prior to Gutter-Vac, there was only one way to effectively clean gutters, which was by hand. In 1995, Warren Ballantyne pioneered the first effective gutter vacuuming machine, revolutionising the gutter cleaning industry. Gutter-Vac then began franchising throughout Australia in 2000. To this day, Gutter-Vac is a family owned business.

The Gutter-Vac service system allows for the quick and safe removal of debris and leaves from domestic and commercial properties. Gutter-Vac is an innovative cleaning franchise using revolutionary vacuum equipment to quickly and effectively clean corporate and domestic gutters, roofs, ceiling spaces, rainwater tanks, stormwater sumps and much more. As there is no other systemised service in the market that competes with Gutter-Vac, its acceptance by home owners and commercial property owners has been rapid.

Today, Gutter-Vac is the largest gutter vacuum cleaning network in the world. The Gutter-Vac network consists of 80+ franchises across seven states and territories including Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales, ACT, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania. Gutter-Vac has now expanded internationally to Atlanta in America as Outback GutterVac.

Warren Ballantyne, Managing Director

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