Recently we had a Zoom chat with Sam McCoy from Gutter-Vac Coffs Harbour and to say they have had a big 6 months is probably an understatement!

First they had the bushfires.  In fact, their family was evacuated from their property for several days with the imminent threat of the fire reaching their property.  Luckily the NSW fire services stopped the fire before it reached their property and they were able to return home.  But in that time of evacuation, they continued to work because their customers needed them.  We all know that having your gutters cleaned before a bushfire is a must because all it takes is a single ember in some dry leaves in your gutters to create a disaster.  So whilst Sam and Clinton – with their kids – were evacuated from their own home, they were also working flat out to help save others homes from the bushfires.

Then came the floods.  Yes, next they had floods.  Two natural disasters within a matter of weeks came upon them.  Again, not only did they manage their own property and family’s safety, they continued to be of service to their own customers and were able to continue working.

You would think that would have been enough right?

Then we had this little thing called a World Pandemic happen.  Gutter-Vac adapted and changed with restrictions and lock down regulations and because our service is no contact, we were able to prove that we could continue to work safely without threat to our customers or the community.  Sam and Clinton could continue to work without interruption to their income which many local business owners could not do or say.

Over this time, not only did Sam and Clinton survive, but they thrived.  Their business GREW!  In the last 12 months, they have grown approximately 30% from the year prior and did so by also winning the Gutter-Vac Outstanding Customer Service Award as voted by customers!

Sam probably said it best…. ‘This business is indestructible!’

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We hope that our franchisees have a much smoother ride in business and life than Sam and Clinton had over the last 6 months, but good to know that even with fires, floods and world pandemics, you can maintain a strong, solid business and income PLUS delight your customers at the same time.

Well done Sam and Clinton!  The Gutter-Vac family is so proud of you.