Easter is a busy time over here at Gutter-Vac.  It is the first school holiday break before autumn and winter.  This is the time when many schools take advantage of the kids being off of school grounds to work done on the school buildings without having to worry about the safety of the kids.

Gutter cleaning is one of those jobs.

Although every school holidays is busy for doing work at schools, we find a lot of schools like to go into autumn and winter with clean gutters.  Get rid of all that mud, sludge a leafy build up from the previous 6 months to a year before the autumn and winter rains hit which if they have blocked gutters will cause overflowing gutters and possible water damage.

In most states now, school ground keepers are not permitted to get on the roof, so bringing in external companies, such as Gutter-Vac, who are trained and insured to work on the roof is the only option to schools.

Sometimes it is not just leafy debris that will cause gutter blockages at schools.  It can also be tennis balls, cricket balls, any sort of ball really, hats, you name it, we find it!  Ensuring that the gutters are clear and free to do their intended purpose if really important for schools because water damage to classrooms is the last thing they need as it will not only be costly in building repairs, but also to class schedules.

Many people assume that at Gutter-Vac we just do vacuum gutter cleaning on residential houses, but so much of our work, in fact 65 -70% of our work is commercial work, including schools and I thought this was the perfect time to remind you of this.

Happy Easter!