At first glance Kristy Pendlebury appears to be your friendly neighbourhood mother of three, but there’s more to her than meets the eye. For the last two years, Kristy and her husband Murray, have been the proud and successful franchisees of Gutter-Vac Brisbane East.

Kristy started her journey with Gutter-Vac 14 years ago working for the network’s head office in North Brisbane; what seemed at the time a far cry from becoming a business owner.

Two years ago, when Murray was considering a change in careers, they learnt that Gutter-Vac Brisbane East was for sale.

The previous franchisees had owned the business for around 14 years, so Kristy knew whoever bought the business would be holding onto it for a while. She and Murray knew it had to be them.

As Kristy is a family woman, the prospect of being part of a family-like culture made up of passionate franchisees who support one another really stood out to her.

For the past two years Kristy has juggled parenting her three young boys, and volunteering at the local AFL club with the added responsibility of growing a business thrown in the mix. Although busy, Kristy wouldn’t trade any of it for the world.

Becoming a Gutter-Vac franchisee can be achieved with an average investment of under $90K, with earning potential for one franchise territory up to $500,000 annually, so there is major opportunity for franchisees to turn a solid profit. Kristy and Murray have already seen significant growth in their business in the past two years and are currently adding a second truck and two further employees to their team. With these new additions, Kristy and Murray are well on track to reaching the projected annual target of $500,000 in the next few years.

Kristy attributes her and Murray’s success to their commitment to “putting in the effort”, with Kristy taking care of a great deal of the business’ management and administration, and Murray providing the day-to-day service to customers.

“We had the belief that if we put in the effort and believed in the system, we would enjoy the rewards, and that’s been the case for us,” Kristy said.

That’s the beauty of becoming a Gutter-Vac franchisee – you can build your business in the way that suits you – if you become a franchisee with your partner, you, like Kristy and Murray, can lend your skills in the best way to grow and manage the business.

If you’re interested in experiencing all the thrill and fulfilment of owning your very own franchise that Kristy and her family enjoy every day, give Warren a call on 0407 591 446.