Whether you’re starting a business, buying into an established one or seeking the convenience of a franchise, a key factor that potential business operators should be looking for is growth.

Business growth indicators can be found in a number of places, ranging from general trends and population growth, to forecast sector growth and product or service diversity.

Here’s an insight into what to look for, and the indicators that point to Gutter-Vac’s business growth.

Sector growth

No matter what business you’re considering, it’s important to understand what’s going on in that sector. How much competition is there at the present and how much competition is there likely to be in the future? And does the business your looking at offer a point of difference that can withstand increased competition?

Meanwhile this research needs to be weighed against the demand for services, as in how popular is this type of service or product and is this popularity likely to increase?

For example Gutter-Vac falls under the Commercial Cleaning Services sector, which IBISWorld notes is currently enjoying annual revenue of $12 billion, and revenue growth of 4.1 per cent per annum.

Customer growth

Growth in the commercial cleaning services sector is largely attributed to two levels of demand. Firstly, an aging population is more likely to outsource time-consuming household tasks like gutter cleaning, and secondly a time-poor working population is also employing service providers to simply get the job done.

External growth

Meanwhile, in Australia there’s no shortage of new opportunity. In addition to customers having a healthy appetite for outsourcing jobs about the home, our population is also increasing and new homes continue to be built.

Last year alone 118,802 new detached homes commenced construction in Australia, while an additional 101,694 units were in the works, the Housing Industry Association notes.

This housing catered to population growth of 1.6 per cent.

Ongoing work and sales

In addition to considering growth opportunity for your business, it’s also important consider ongoing work and sales. As in how often will a customer buy and use your services, is it a repeat business and are there opportunities to add additional products or services to your core business?

At Gutter-Vac, the services we offer have a high repeat base. For example, most customers utilise our gutter cleaning service once or twice a year and these clients come from both the domestic and commercial sector.

Importantly, the Gutter-Vac name Is also synonymous with services beyond gutter cleaning, such as solar panel cleaning, water tank cleaning and Gutter Guard – an innovative product that helps minimise the debris that makes it into gutters.

We also utilise proprietary technology that allows for a point of difference in the market. Our vacuum based gutter cleaning technology ensures there’s no mess and no fuss.

In short, these factors combined offer our franchisees the surety that not only will they have the opportunity to grow their business in the future, their clients will return to them time and again for professional expertise that also extends beyond gutter cleaning.

Why Gutter-Vac?

Gutter-Vac is an established brand with more than 20 years’ experience in the home services and maintenance industry. We’re proud to work in a service industry that continues to expand as more housing stock is built to meet Australia’s growing population needs.

Meanwhile, we’ve developed a proven system to clean gutters and water tanks using proprietary technology that is second to none. We also pride ourselves on the consistent support and training we offer our ever-growing family of franchisees.

If you’re looking to learn more about our exciting franchise opportunities, download our brochure here.