Recently, I sat down with Kristy Pendlebury of Gutter-Vac Brisbane East to discuss what has happened for her and Murray (plus their kids) over the last 12 months since becoming Gutter-Vac franchisees.

This question about family life was a real eye opener for us all about how much having a business has POSITIVELY impacted their family life.

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Many people believe that when you become a business owner that your family will suffer for it.  You will have less time with your kids and more pressures on the business front so family takes a backseat.

As Kristy talks about here, the Gutter-Vac business can actually be a different experience to what many people believe of business and family not mixing.  Imagine having the flexibility of time to be able to be there for your kids each day and to do great things like their sport with them.

Work/Life balance is a topic often discussed and complained about by not only business owners, but people in general.  At Gutter-Vac we like to talk about flexibility of time because this is the key to work/life balance.

When you have flexibility of time, it means that you run your schedule, it doesn’t run you.  If you want to be at your kids footy training on a Thursday afternoon, then you work that into your schedule.

When people talk about work/life balance, they are basically indicating that they want all life, but no work….not very realistic.  But when you talk about flexibility of time, we are putting in a good weeks work, but we get to schedule it to fit our family.

It is only a slight change of thought, but it is a HUGE difference when put into real life.

Maybe, just like Kristy and Murray, owning your own business, becoming your own boss, will actually IMPROVE your family life……