For the very reasons that we don’t have a lot of competition – safety and the way we do the work.

But I actually believe that Gutter-Vac is a customer service business that then provides a vacuum gutter cleaning service.  We really pride ourselves on our customer service and something that we at head office focus on and so do our franchisees.  We, in fact, have an award each year at our conference for the most outstanding customer service and it is the award that everyone wants to win!

We regularly survey our customers and the feedback we always receive is that the franchisees and their staff were polite, helpful, on time – that’s a big one – and that they left no mess behind.  We have customers sending in feedback every day, totally amazed that we turned up when we said we would, did what we said we would and all with a friendly and helpful nature.

Our franchisees really go out of their way to help their customers – both domestic and commercial.  It is all the little extras that make the difference and we know that our customers are essential in our business and we treat them with respect.  Customer service really makes our brand stand out from the crowd.

Warren Ballantyne