Gutter-Vac recognised with four-star franchise rating

Gutter-Vac has joined an elite few franchise brands to receive a four-star rating from objective evaluative body FRANdata.

The rating illustrates Gutter-Vac’s continued commitment to improvement, along with its ethos of openness and transparency, and sees the franchise assessed across seven key categories when it comes supporting Gutter-Vac franchisees.

Here’s an insight into the rating system and what it means …

The Franchise Rating System

Introduced to Australia in March this year, the Franchise Rating System sees franchises voluntarily assessed against seven key performance standards.

These include:

  1. System performance
  2. Franchisee financial performance
  3. Franchisee engagement and satisfaction
  4. Franchisor training and support
  5. Franchisor financial performance
  6. Lender relations
  7. Compliance and assurance

The process involves five stages, and sees FRANdata independently assess things like the franchise agreement, franchisor financial statements, compliance and assurance, and franchisee engagement.

Involving both documentation and interviews, the rating system has previously been widely implemented in the US and is expected to quickly become the key industry standard for performance assessment and comparison.

FRANdata’s US CEO, Darrell Johnson, explains: “In the US FRANdata has been providing ratings systems and services for 30 years. There are two keys to successful ratings systems – the assessment must be conducted independently, and the assessment must be objectively based on factors relevant to the decision of the prospective franchisee and others (such as financiers) involved in the transaction. The Australian franchise ratings system will bring both”.

Gutter-Vac’s rating

In August 2019, Gutter-Vac joined a growing list of franchises willingly volunteering to be scrutinised as part of the Franchise Rating System in Australia.

Explaining the move, Gutter-Vac founder Warren Ballantyne noted he was keen to put his organisation under the microscope in the interests of openness, transparency and improvement.

“I had the business rated to see how I can improve. The secret to success is continuous improvement,” Mr Ballantyne reflected.

He continued, the undergoing the rating assessment offered benefits to the business, its current franchisees and those who are considering Gutter-Vac as a franchise option, giving greater clarity about how the system operates and how well it performs when rated against others.

Top 10 per cent

The independent review of Gutter-Vac has resulted in a four-star rating, placing it in the top 10 per cent of franchises for its systems, procedures, operation and support of franchisees.

Mr Ballantyne notes he is delighted with the results that reflect Gutter-Vac’s ongoing commitment to providing a proven business opportunity to people along with consistent support and guidance to its valued franchisees.

The rating joins a list of accolades the Gutter-Vac franchises system has received, including being voted the top franchise in 2017.

Why Gutter-Vac?

Gutter-Vac is an established brand with more than 20 years’ experience in the home services and maintenance industry. We’re proud to work in a service industry that continues to expand as more housing stock is built to meet Australia’s growing population needs.

Meanwhile, we’ve developed a proven system to clean gutters and water tanks using proprietary technology that is second to none. We also pride ourselves on the consistent support and training we offer our ever-growing family of franchisees.

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